How to setup a watchtower

This tutorial will show you how to configure your Electrum daemon as a watchtower for your lightning wallet. It is written for Electrum 4.0 (currently in development)

Add your SSL certificate to Electrum

To protect against MITM attacks, add a SSL certificate:

electrum -o setconfig ssl_keyfile /path/to/ssl/privkey.pem
electrum -o setconfig ssl_certfile /path/to/ssl/fullchain.pem

For details see How to add SSL

Configure your Watchtower

Configure your watchtower address and password:

electrum setconfig -o run_local_watchtower true
electrum setconfig -o watchtower_user myusername
electrum setconfig -o watchtower_password mypassword
electrum setconfig -o watchtower_address

Then start the daemon:

electrum daemon -d

The watchtower database contains presigned transactions, and is in ~/.electrum/watchtower_db If you open the GUI you can see hown many channels and transactions are in the database.

Configure the watchtower in your client

In your client preferences, tick ‘use a remote watchtower’ and enter the url:

https://myusername:[email protected]:12345